News 2018

November 2018: New project funded

What determines EU sanctions? Design choice and exemptions
From September 1, 2019, postdoctoral researcher Katharina Meissner will extend her research work at the EIF for another two years in this project that is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) through a Lise Meitner grant (Mentor: Gerda Falkner).


October 2018: Two new members in our team

We are pleased to welcome Patrick Müller back at our institute! He has started a joint professorship on October 1st, working partly for the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and partly for the Institute of European Integration Research.

Our second new co-worker, Chiara Loschi, will focus on the EU-Border Protection Regime-project and will work closely with Peter Slominski. We are glad to have her on board!


September 2018: We have three new projects at the EIF

1. A project with external funding by the Austrian National Bank with postdoctoral researcher Magnus Schoeller, directed by Gerda Falkner, on the role of smaller creditor states in the eurozone. (Project)

2. A project with external support by the Austrian Research Fund under the leadership of Peter Slominski, for which Chiara Loschi has been hired as a new postdoctoral researcher. (Project)

3. In addition, we welcome our new co-worker Kevin Hinterberger, who is preparing his doctoral thesis in Law at our institute in the spirit of interdisciplinary cooperation, financed by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. (Profile)


March 2018: EIF's Director at the European University Institute

On 16 March, Gerda Falkner will contribute to '60 Years of Liberal Intergovernmentalism', a workshop of the Journal of Common Market Studies (a leading Q1 publication in EIF's area of research) with international colleagues including Andrew Moravcsik (Princeton) and Frank Schimmelfennig (ETH Zurich). EIF's Director will comment papers by Vivian Schmidt (Boston University) and Simon Hix (LSE).

During her stay at the EUI as a "Robert Schuman Fellow", Gerda Falkner will furthermore give a lecture about "The Role of Euroscepticism in Shaping the Future: Comparing EU Policies and Comparing Governments before the EU's Court of Justice' at the Robert Schuman Centre of the EUI, and she will represent EIF in many events and activities at that renowned hub of EU research.


February 2018: EU Court of Auditors

EIF's Director will participate in an expert review panel of the European Court of Auditors in the field of the application of EU law in the member states.