Media Appearances

10 April 2019: APA Interview

Austria's national news agency "Austria Presse Agentur" (APA) interviewed Gerda Falkner (Head of EIF) and Georg Plattner (predoctoral researcher at EIF) on topics related to the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. In the particular, the splits between populist radical right parties concerning EU policies and their reform was of interest, as found by the EIF team in their relevant project.


14 January 2019: What unites Europe?

EIF's Director discussed about what actually (dis-)unites Europe, in the frame of #SEMESTERFRAGE @univie in the Auditorium Maximum of the University of Vienna, with prominent speakers such as former Chancellor Franz Vranitzky, Maja Haderlap, and Martin Kocher. Gerda Falkner argued that a functioning European Union seems all the more important in a globalised world undergoing a digital revolution with its profound effects on the media and on democracy, with China, Russia, the US, and unregulated digital media giants as the otherwise sole dominant players. Video online here.


15 October 2018: Ö1 Campus Radio

Gerda Falkner is a guest at the debate "Never again war in Europe! Is the peace project EU in jeopardy?" as part of the series STANDPUNKT (= point of view), a project embedded in the Austrian Presidency of the European Council in the course of the "Week of Media Competence", organized by the editorial board Bildungsministerium, by ORF and KURIER, located at the upper-Austrian Kulturquartier in 4020 Linz.
Gerda Falkner (Head of the Institute for European Integration Research of the University of Vienna) will be joined by Gottfried Haber (Head of the Research Department of Economic and Financial Politics at the University for Continuing Education in Krems), Thomas Roithner (Privatdozent for Political Science at the University of Vienna, peace researcher and journalist), and Andre Wolf (Content- and Social Media Coordinator at "Mimikama-association for information on abuse of the Internet", Blogger of the year 2017).
The reporting will be published in the online version of KURIER, on oe1.orf.at and in "Ö1 Campus" Radio.


12 July 2018: Op-ed in uni:view magazine

Gerda Falkner contributed an article to the magazine of the University of Vienna entitled "Europe: Presidency in difficult times". Take a look on medienportal.univie.ac.at.


2 July 2018: Interview for the "Standard"

In an interview with journalists from the Austrian newspaper "Der Standard" Gerda Falkner, the head of the EIF, explains the main issues that will pose a challenge for the Austrian presidency on the European Council. Take a look on derstandard.at.


27 June 2018: Interview with "PULS 4"

The biggest private Austrian broadcasting company, PULS 4, asks Gerda Falkner for her input on the current summit of the heads of state and government of the European Union member states for the evening news.


20 June 2018: Interview with the Swedish Radio

The head of the EIF, Gerda Falkner, answers questions regarding the Austrian presidency on the European Council for an article of the public radio company of the Kingdom of Sweden. Take a look on sverigesradio.se.


18 June 2018: Statement for "Report Plus"

Gerda Falkner, head of the EIF, gives a statement, parallel with Stefan Brocza, an expert on European law, regarding the Austrian presidency on the European Council to an Austrian economic journal. Take a look on report.at.


18 May 2018: Interview for the Broadcast "Wissenschaftsradio"

The head of the EIF-Institute, Gerda Falkner, is interviewed extensively on topics such as the Austrian Council Presidency in the second half of 2018 or the current challenges the European Union faces. On the lighter side feature her music request for the summer and a sound bite of Austrian celebrity Alfons Haider. She has been preceded in this series by climatologist Helga Kromp-Kolb and environmental medicine researcher Hans Peter Hutter. Take a listen on soundcloud.com.

27. April 2018: Interview für die Austria Presse Agentur

Die Leiterin des EIF gibt ein Hintergrundinterview zur Sozialpolitik und der Zukunft Österreichs in der EU für die APA anlässlich des 'Austria 2018 Centenary Symposium: Debating the legacy of the 1918 proclamation of the Austrian Republic'.











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