Media Contributions

18 August 2023: German-Austrian Border

Sebastian Heidebrecht was consulted by Austrian newspaper Krone to contextualise the meeting of German chancellor Scholz with his Austrian colleague Nehammer regarding continued checks along the border and other EU issues. Read the article here (in German).


12 July 2023: Environmental Protection

Henning Deters was asked by Austrian Newspaper Der Standard for his input on the nature restoration regulation that the European Parliament voted on, and how the process would continue. Read more here (in German).


31 January 2023: Vetoing new NATO members

Together with Franz Eder from Innsbruck University, Patrick Müller from EIF was invited to answer questions by host Marlene Nowotny and her listeners on Radio Ö1 (Austrian National Broadcast Company). The issue at hand was the veto by Turkish President Erdoğan against Finland's and Sweden's application for NATO membership.


23 August 2022: Sanctions against Russia

In an interview for ORF III Aktuell (Austrian National Broadcasting Company), Katharina Meissner was asked in how far sanctions against Russia can be effective and in which ways.


9-10 May 2022: Reflections on the human will

Gerda Falkner provided background information on how digitalisation influences our free will for a broader reflection on the human will on Ö1 (Austrian Public Radio).


9 May 2022: EU sanctions and their effects

A contribution by Katharina Meissner to the blog of Austrian newspaper Der Standard takes a closer look at different kinds of sanctions and their effects.


21 March 2022: Interview on Puls 24

Puls 24 interviewed Katharina Meissner on the effectiveness of sanctioning Russia.


7 March 2022: Interview on the effects of sanctions

Katharina Meissner shared her expertise on EU sanctions with the Scilog of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).


20 February 2022: New legislation for Big Tech

Sebastian Heidebrecht was invited to discuss the consequences of current and upcoming EU laws for large technology companies in an interview with Austrian newspaper Der Standard.

















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