News 2016

November 2016: EIF's international evaluation grants honors

The results of EIF's 2012 to mid-2016 evaluation are truly encouraging: Reviewers were two high-ranking academics in the field of European integration studies from the US and Germany. Among their statements are "The research output of the EIF is impressive." "There can be little doubt that both the performance and the impact are excellent." "EIF essentially puts Austria, and Vienna in particular, 'on the map' with regard to EU studies." "A convincing strength of the EIF is its impact on society." "... EIF has had an impact on the field way beyond what we could expect from its size...".

EIF's research results and potential were graded as "excellent" in the sense of highly competitive in the field and even as "outstanding" in the sense of work at the forefront of research in the respective field. EIF's visibility was judged to be excellent and even outstanding in the sense of international leadership.


October 2016: Next Vienna Lecture by Prof. Adrienne Héritier on 17 January 2017

Adrienne Hértier, professor emeritus at the European University Institute in Florence, will hold the next Vienna Lecture on the European Union. Her presentation is entitled "EU policy-making and the role of the European Parliament - How much New Intergovernmentalism?". For details please be referred to our events section.


September 2016: EIF welcomes new staff members!

EIF welcomes new staff members! Our new researchers come from international institutions like, inter alia, the European University Institute in Florence, the University of Bremen, and the University of Torino. Please visit our team website.


April 2016: SCCI-indexed special issue published

The EIF has led a major collaborative project on the effects of the recent financial, economic and neighbourhood crises on the EU’s main policy domains. The findings can now be read in the Journal of European Integration. Gerda Falkner's article covering the main findings of the project even has "open access" for all: Link to open access.


January 2016: EIF will be continued as an inter-departmental research platform for the next period of the University's funding, i.e. January 2016 - end of 2018

By 1 September 2016, EIF will employ three new postdoctoral research fellows and one pre-doctoral researcher. At the same time, an additional research student shall be hired. All jobs will be subject to a public job offer (to be published in early March), please check the University's general website and the EIF website.