Media Appearances 2019

23 October 2019: JCMS-Blog

A blog contribution by Gerda Falkner was published on the JCMS-Blog, entitled After the EP Elections 2019: Mind the populists’ divisions concerning EU policies!


25 September 2019: Der Standard-Blog

Katharina Meissner and Magnus Schoeller contributed an analysis of the power that the European Parliament holds in the context of the 2019 elections. You can read it here (in German).


28 May 2019: Radio-Kolleg

Katharina Meissner and Magnus Schoeller were invited to provide insights into the European Parliament in a series (Radio-Kolleg) by Ö1, the main radio station of the Austrian Public Broadcast System.


2 May 2019: Ö1 Punkt Eins

For a broadcast on the relationship between the European Parliament and the European society, Magnus Schoeller and Katharina Meissner were interviewed about their latest research.


10 April 2019: APA Interview

Austria's national news agency "Austria Presse Agentur" (APA) interviewed Gerda Falkner (Head of EIF) and Georg Plattner (predoctoral researcher at EIF) on topics related to the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. In the particular, the splits between populist radical right parties concerning EU policies and their reform was of interest, as found by the EIF team in their relevant project.


14 January 2019: What unites Europe?

EIF's Director discussed about what actually (dis-)unites Europe, in the frame of #SEMESTERFRAGE @univie in the Auditorium Maximum of the University of Vienna, with prominent speakers such as former Chancellor Franz Vranitzky, Maja Haderlap, and Martin Kocher. Gerda Falkner argued that a functioning European Union seems all the more important in a globalised world undergoing a digital revolution with its profound effects on the media and on democracy, with China, Russia, the US, and unregulated digital media giants as the otherwise sole dominant players. Video online here.














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