Media Appearances 2015

6 December 2015: Gerda Falkner on ORF - Hohes Haus

EIF’s Director was interviewed for the ORF 2 television program “Hohes Haus”. The politicians on the live broadcast Sunday 12h00 were President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz and Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann. Among the topics discussed were: the recent pact with Turkey concerning better management of the refugee situation, the simultaneous occurrence of many crises in Europe which threatens to overburden the EU’s system, and an increasing lack of solidarity within the EU caused by tendencies of nationalism and populism.


31 October 2015: Panel discussion on asylum and migration

In a panel discussion organised by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the EIF’s director Gerda Falkner debated on a high-ranking podium the current challenges regarding refugee reception and management in Europe. She presented the reasons why the EU was not yet able to achieve common standards in asylum policy and explained that diverging interests of the member states have led to a situation of “joint-decision trap”.

Media coverage of the event:

APA- Science

Salzburger Nachrichten


23 September 2015: EIF’s Director on ZIB-Magazin

The EU interior ministers have departed from the principle of unanimity in adopting a quota for a distribution of the refugees across countries. On ZIB-Magazin on 23.9. Gerda Falkner explains why this could hardly have been decided otherwise.


9 September 2015: Commentary of Florian Trauner in „Der Standard“

Florian Trauner discusses the dilemma of the current refugee policy and argues that a reform of the EU asylum policy and legally binding asylum quotas would be improvements. Once more he urges for a pan-European solution.


August/September 2015: Florian Trauner on TV

Several TV channels have interviewed Florian Trauner concerning the current situation of refugees in Europe and how politics could respond adequately to these challenges. One of his suggestions is that the EU’s member states should react jointly and not in opposition to one other.

    1. On ZIB-Magazin on 1.9. the question why Germany is a favoured destination for refugees was discussed with Florian Trauner.
    2. On 26.8. Florian Trauner explained on Puls 4 News the importance of open borders in Europe.
    3. In an interview for Servus TV Journal on 25.8. his assessment of the European refugee policy was paramount.
    4. On 25.8. Florian Trauner provided his expertise for ZIB 2 on current challenges in Europe and possible solutions.


August 2015: EIF’s Director on German Radio Orange (Bayern 2)

In a radio report, Gerda Falkner discusses the risks of a diminishing solidarity in Europe and illustrates that only common actions will safeguard European Integration.


20 July 2015: Commentary of Gerda Falkner in „Der Standard“

In a commentary for the “Standard”, the head of the Institute summarises the recent EU negotiations with Greece and considers the outcome to be an acceptable compromise, even though it was not an optimum solution. She urges that problems in Europe should be tackled by the member states together and not in conflict with one another. All member states have to answer for the common monetary union with its systematic deficiency; therefore, it is highly important to jointly counteract caused imbalances.

Link to article in the "Standard"


12 July 2015: Gerda Falkner at ORF broadcasting „Im Zentrum Spezial“

The head of the Institute for European Integration Research, along with Franz Fischler, Johannes Voggenhuber and Friedrich Schneider, discusses the consequences of the special summit of EU heads of state and government live on television with Ingrid Thurnher.

Im Zentrum Spezial


July 2015: EIF's Director on TV

a) debating the Austrian Lower Chamber's reforms regarding speaking rights for elected EP members of Austria: Hohes Haus, ORF 2, Sonntag 5.7.2015, "Europas Stimmen im Bundesrat"

b) evaluating the effects of the Greek referendum on the future of European integration: ZIB Magazin, ORF 1, Montag 6.7.2015


April 19, 2015: Commentary in Wiener Zeitung

How can refugee tragedies in the Mediterranean Sea be prevented? What measures must be set by the EU to meet the challenges in refugee policy effectively?
Florian Trauner from the Institute urges a comprehensive EU refugee policy which should be based on three objectives: more fairness, more solidarity and more protection.

You can find his commentary in the Wiener Zeitung at: http://www.wienerzeitung.at/meinungen/gastkommentare/749365_Die-EU-Fluechtlingspolitik-braucht-eine-umfassende-Reform.html

The commentary is based on a policy brief by Trauner which was written for the Austrian Society for European Policy: https://oegfe.at/2015/04/reagiert-die-eu-adaequat-auf-die-fluechtlingstragoedien-im-mittelmeer/

This policy brief was also published by EurActiv: http://www.euractiv.de/sections/entwicklungspolitik/reagiert-die-eu-adaequat-auf-die-fluechtlingstragoedien-im-mittelmeer.















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