Media Appearances 2014

November 7 and 10, 2014: EIF in PaRR (Policy and Regulatory Report)

Two articles have been published in PaRR, the online publication portal specialized in competition law, about the public event held by the Austrian competition authority on November 6 2014. Marco Botta gave a lecture on the new directive on private enforcement in EU competition law and its implementation. The event, to which practitioners were also invited, was held shortly before the final adoption of the directive in the Council of the EU. In his lecture, Marco Botta explained that the innovations were not just technical and he outlined the revised provisions and their impacts in detail.

Impact of EU private damages directive likely limited by national procedural realities - experts

EU damages directive saw 'substantial changes' inserted in corrigendum - academic


November 3 - 6, 2014: EIF in Ö1 Radiokolleg “Im Osten viel Neues“

25 years ago, the fall of the Iron Curtain led to the opening up of Europe's internal borders with far-reaching consequences. What has happened since then? Have the countries actually grown closer? These questions are addressed in the Ö 1 series “Im Osten viel Neues”. In the broadcast from 5.11.2014, Florian Trauner was interviewed about the accession of the new Member States to the EU. He thereby explained the EU’s possibilities of enlargements and the European neighbourhood policy.


October 28, 2014: EIF on Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)

Florian Trauner analyses the EU common policy on refugees in an interview conducted by Hendrik Backhus and published on NDR on 28.10.2014. The project “Mare Nostrum”, which rescues refugees in distress, will be completed soon and Trauner addresses possible reasons for and effects of this current development. He argues in the interview that refugees should be allowed to reach Europe through legal ways.


September 11, 2014: EIF on ZIB Magazin, ORF 1

Why are there an increasing number of regions demanding their independence? On 11.09.2014 during the ZIB Magazin TV broadcast, Florian Trauner answered this question and indicated that it is not simply economic aspects that promote an aspiration to independence in regions.


August 13, 2014: Interview with the daily newspaper Die Presse

Florian Trauner has been interviewed regarding the EU’s asylum and refugee policy by the Austrian daily newspaper Die Presse for their article which appeared on 13.08.2014 (print edition 14.08.2014). The focus of the interview was Trauner’s arguments for increasing possibilities for legal migration, comparable asylum procedures in all member states, comprehensive protection for refugees and a fair distribution of asylum seekers, who entered the EU illegally, across all member states.


May 8, 2014: EIF in the Ö1 series: „Dimensionen – die Welt der Wissenschaft“

"Kein Land in Sicht?" was the title of the radio report in Ö1 where Gerda Falkner, Patrick Müller and Florian Trauner were interviewed about the obstacles for a coherent EU policy. The success of the EU in different policy fields that have already achieved a global dimension is quite diverse. In the interview, the researchers analysed these differences and obstacles, and also reported the results of the Institute’s collaborative project on the question of EU policy export on a global level (EU Policies in a Global Perspective).


April 24, 2014: Interview with Radio station Ö1

April, 24 2014: Interview with Radio station Ö1 The difficulties and obstacles for coherent EU policies were the focus of an interview conducted by the radio station Ö1 with Gerda Falkner. The recently published comprehensive research project from the EIF about the question of EU policy export to the global level (EU Policies in a Global Perspective) gave deep insight into the challenges of doing so in different policy areas.


March 11, 2014: Interview for the Austrian magazine REPUBLIK

EIF's Director Gerda Falkner gave an interview for the Austrian magazine REPUBLIK, with a focus on "European Union/How will it continue with the EU?"















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