Zdenek Kudrna

Refereed journal articles

Kudrna, Z., Müller P. and Falkner G. (2014). EU-global interactions: policy export, import, promotion and protection, Journal of European Public Policy, published online: 22.5.2014, DOI: 10.1080/13501763.2014.906905.

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Book chapters

Kudrna, Z. and Gabor, D. (2014): Political risk, crisis and foreign-owned banks in New Member states. In: Martin Myant and Jan Drahokoupil (eds.), Transition Economies after 2008 - Responses to the crisis in Russia and Eastern Europe, Routledge, London and New York.

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Working papers and policy reports

Kudrna, Z. (2013). Future of pensions. Conference volume from Europe and the Czech Republic in 2113. Vaclav Havel Library, Prague. Forthcoming.

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Book reviews

Kudrna, Z. (2011): Review of Lucia Quaglia’s Governing Financial Services in the European Union. Journal of Common Market Studies, 49 (3), 688-9.
Kudrna, Z. (2004): Review of Mancur Olson’s Power and Prosperity : a review. Acta Oeconomica, Budapest.


Contributions to policy reports

Czech Republic: Pilot Assessment of Governance of the Insurance Sector. World Bank, March 2006.

Czech Republic: Pilot Diagnostic Review of the Governance of the Private Pension Fund Sector. World Bank, March 2007.

Legal, Institutional and Regulatory Framework to Deal with Banking Resolution and insolvency: The Review of the Czech Case. World Bank, March 2005.

Czech Republic: Assessment of Governance of the Collective Investment Fund Sector. World Bank, September 2004.

Czech Republic: Assessment of Governance of the Banking Sector. World Bank, February 2004.


Selected conference contributions

UACES, EU exports of policy standards, Passau, September 2012

SASE, International standards in emerging markets, MIT Boston, June 2012

COST, Political risk in transnational banking, Budapest, March 2012

European Consortium for Political Research joint sessions, Banking stability arrangements in the EU, Münster, March 2010

European Consortium for Political Research conferences on EU politics, Governance reforms in securities markets, Porto, May 2010

European Union Studies Association conference, Cross-border bank resolution regime in the EU, Boston, March 2011

European Consortium for Political Research joint sessions, Differentiated integration of banking regulation in the EU, St. Gallen, April 2011

European Consortium for Political Research conference, A transaction cost approach to new modes of governance in the EU financial markets, Reykjavik, August 2011


Invited lectures and speeches

Responses to Euro crisis, Green European Foundation, Brussels, February 2012

EIF panel, Euro crisis and multi-speed Europe, Vienna, December 2011

Forum 2000 conference, Stabilization of Eurozone: a constitutional problem, Prague, October 2011

Masaryk debate at Masaryk University, The future of Euro and European integration, Brno, October 2011

Annual Conference of the Czech Association for European Studies, Prague, November 2011


Reviewer for academic journals

Journal of Common Market Studies, West European Politics, Czech Journal of Finance, Acta Oeconomica, European Integration online Papers



Regular commentator on European Union affairs in various media:

Ceska televize, Czech Republic

News radios:
Radiozurnal, Radio Cesko, Czech Republic; FM4 ORF, Austria

Regular columns in Czech print media:
Hospodarske noviny and ihned.cz (weekly)
Respekt (monthly) 

Occasional essays international media outlets:
SME and Pravda (Slovakia)
Visegrad revue, Aspen Review




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