Cost of Non-Europe in the
European Research Area

Project leader: Inga Ulnicane
Funded by: European Parliament
Duration: July - November 2015

At the request of the European Parliament’s Committee for Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE), the European Parliamentary Research Service commissioned a ‘Cost of Non-Europe Report in the European Research Area: Research Paper on an Open Labour Market for Researchers’.

This project analyses the European Research Area initiative launched in 2000 to facilitate the free circulation of researchers, scientific knowledge and technology in the EU. In particular, the first three closely related ERA priorities are studied: more effective national research systems, transnational cooperation, and open labour market for researchers. The project discusses the progress achieved during the past 15 years and identifies a number of remaining gaps and barriers, in particular for international mobility of researchers in the EU.

On 28 April 2016, results of the project were presented at the Policy Hub on the ERA at the European Parliament, Brussels. They are published in: Ulnicane, I. (2016), Research Paper on the European Research Area and Free Circulation of Knowledge. In C.Salm and T.Zandstra (Eds.) European Research Area. Cost of Non-Europe Report (pp.19-50). Brussels: European Parliament. DOI: 10.2861/895783.