European Integration and the Global Political Economy:
New Directions

The mission of this research network, set up by the US - Council of European Studies (CES), is to illuminate contemporary developments in European integration as related to the global political economy. 

Network participants come from e.g. Harvard University, London School of Economics and Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oxford University, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, Sciences Po. EIF, represented by its Director, is the only Austrian Member. The network aims to connect scholars analyzing reforms from a comparative and national perspective with those interested in Europeanization, i.e. how EU policies and governance structures impact reforms at the national level. One focus, of immediate interest from the EIF's perspective, is the diversity of modes of implementation, of institution-building, and of the effects of various legislative, programmatic and other changes that arise in the post-crisis era, to be studied at both EU and national-comparative levels. 

Building bridges across disciplines is key in such research and hence scholars from a wide range of disciplines, including law and sociology as well as political science and international relations participate. The CES has established a research network portal for this and similar undertakings, to help disseminate information.