LREG / Living Reviews in European Governance

Duration: September 2008 - open end

Living Reviews in European Governance (LREG) is an entirely web-based, open-access and peer-reviewed journal, publishing reviews of research on core themes relating to European Integration and Governance.

The articles in LREG are solicited from specialists in their fields and are directed towards the scientific community at or above the graduate student level. The articles provide up-to-date critical reviews of the state of research in the fields they cover. They also offer annotated insights (and where possible, active links) into the key literature and describe online resources available in these fields. LREG is unique in maintaining a range of high-quality reviews and all articles are subjected to strict peer-review. Furthermore the cornerstone of the Living Reviews concept, which is licensed by the Max Planck Society, is that the articles are kept up to date by their authors. Living Reviews are revised as new research developments occur. In this way, users can be confident of finding the latest important work in LREG.

LREG was launched in 2006 as the third journal in the Living Reviews family and it is the first in the social sciences.


The European Information Association has honored LREG with its 2009 Award for European Information Sources.





Living Reviews in European Governance (LREG)

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