The EU's Decision Traps: Comparing EU Policies

EIF's collaborative research project 2009-11 brought together leading international scholars (Arthur Benz, Philipp Genschel, Miriam Hartlapp, Katharina Holzinger, Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen, Christilla Roederer-Rynning, Fritz W. Scharpf, Susanne K. Schmidt) and EIF staff to study stalemate and breakthrough in European integration. Findings edited by Gerda Falkner (2011), The EU's Decision Traps. Comparing EU Policies: Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: The EU's Decision Traps and their Exits: A Concept for Comparative Analysis, Gerda Falkner
  2. The Paradigmatic Case: Beyond Emergency Exits in the Common Agricultural Policy, Christilla Roederer-Rynning
  3. Overcoming the Joint-Decision Trap in Single-Market Legislation: The Interplay between Judicial and Legislative Politics, Susanne K. Schmidt
  4. One Trap, Many Exits, but no Free Lunch: How the Joint-Decision Trap Shapes EU Tax Policy, Philipp Genschel
  5. Financial Market Regulation: A 'Lamfalussy Exit' from the Joint-Decision Trap, Zdenek Kudrna
  6. Liberalising the EU's Energy Market: Hard and Soft Power Combined, Johannes Pollak and Peter Slominski
  7. Environmental Policy in the Joint-Decision Trap? The Critical Balance between 'Market Making' and 'Market Correcting', Katharina Holzinger
  8. Social Policy: Problem-Solving Gaps, Partial Exits and Court-Decision Traps, Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen and Gerda Falkner
  9. Increased Differentiation as an Engine for Integration? Studying Justice and Home Affairs, Florian Trauner
  10. The EU's Foreign and Security Policy: Incremental Upgrading of Common Interests and the Effects of Institutionalised Cooperation, Nicole Alecu de Flers; Laura Chappell; Patrick Muller
  11. Organising Exits from the Joint-Decision Trap? Cross-Sectoral (Non-)Coordination in the European Union, Miriam Hartlapp
  12. Escaping Joint-Decision Traps: National and Supranational Experiences Compared, Arthur Benz
  13. The JDT Model: Context and Extensions, Fritz W. Scharpf
  14. In and Out of EU Decision Traps: Comparative Perspectives, Gerda Falkner