EIF Implementation Database


to the online database of studies of transposition, implementation and compliance with EU law!

The database presents a comprehensive overview of the existing academic quantitative research on the application of EU law in the member states.  

The purpose of the database is to enable comparisons across studies and to facilitate academic dialogue in the field of EU implementation research. 

The database is regularly updated. It is free and available to all. 

If you use the Implementation database for academic research, please provide a reference or an acknowledgement.

You could also wish to consult the accompanying working paper which discusses and reviews the literature included in the database.

The database is managed by Dimiter Toshkov (Leiden University) with the support of the Institute for European Integration.

NEW: A new database reviewing the qualitative literature on EU compliance and implementation is now available at: http://eif.univie.ac.at/eif_compliance/



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