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31 December 2014: EIF maintained the high number of SSCI publications for a second year

The Institute for European Integration Research again achieved a top performance in 2014 with 11 articles published in prestigious journals which are included in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI). In the Journal of European Public Policy, a total of 3 articles have been published, while two appeared in the European Journal of Migration and Law and two were also published in the “Österreichische Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft”. Other contributions have appeared in the Journals of International Peacekeeping, Regional Studies, the European Law Review, and the Science and Public Policy.


28-29 November 2014: “Day of Political Science” (Tag der Politikwissenschaft) 2014

The Austrian Political Science Association (ÖGPW), along with the University of Vienna, organised the 2014 “Day of Political Science” (Tag der Politikwissenschaft) conference from 28-29 November 2014. Five EIF staff members contributed to the conference. Inga Ulnicane chaired a panel on the internationalisation of research, technology and innovation, while Patrick Müller prepared the chair for a panel on Austria’s foreign policy and 20 years of accession. Florian Trauner, who was also on the programme committee of the conference, chaired a panel on EU decision-making since the Lisbon Treaty and presented a paper on the impact of treaty reform on dynamics of decision-making in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. In the same panel, Brigitte Pircher presented a paper on member states’ voting behaviour in the Council of the EU before and after the Lisbon Treaty. The two doctoral students of the EIF, Veronika Pollak and Brigitte Pircher, presented their dissertation projects during the poster exhibition.


October 2014: 3 new working papers: Scenarios for the Euro / European disintegration? / EU policies in global perspective

Our latest working paper “The future of the Euro: agreements to disagree and prospective scenarios from the 2014 Vienna debate” by Zdenek Kudrna outlines the discussion and controversial opinions between Fritz W. Scharpf and Henrik Enderlein during our Vienna debate in May 2014. The debate on the future of the Euro revealed some agreement on reforms that could make the heterogeneous Euro area viable over the long-term as well as two fundamental disagreements on the political feasibility of such reforms and the consequences of reintroduction of differentiated macroeconomic policies within the Euro area. Please find the working paper on: http://eif.univie.ac.at/workingpapers/index.php

In the EIF working paper entitled “European Disintegration – non-existing Phenomenon or a Blind Spot of European Integration Research?”, Henrik Scheller and Annegret Eppler collate the recent state of research in the field of European Integration with respect to the phenomenon of European disintegration and they develop a definition of European disintegration. Please find the working paper on: http://eif.univie.ac.at/workingpapers/index.php

Our “Synopsis of EIF project ‘EU Policies in a Global Perspective’” has also been published within the working papers series of the Institute. The main findings of the recently published book ‘EU Policies in a Global Perspective: Shaping or taking international regimes?’ (London and New York, Routledge 2014, edited by Gerda Falkner and Patrick Müller) were compiled in this paper. Please find the working paper series on the EIF website: http://eif.univie.ac.at/workingpapers-en/index.php


April 2014: The EU’s crisis: Effects on policies? A new collaborative research project at EIF

European integration is in a time of crisis. This has a profound impact on different EU policies. The Institute for European Integration Research has therefore started a major collaborative project comparing the effects of the euro crisis, in a wide sense, on the EU’s main policy domains, including financial market integration, social, health, migration, research, energy, foreign and state aid policies. See also http://eif.univie.ac.at/projects/EUpoliciescrisis.php


March 2014: In the frame of the COST collaborative international project: Innovations in Climate Governance: Sources, Patterns and Effects (INOGOV)

The main objective of the COST Action is to explore Europe’s potential for innovation in the climate governance domain. This implies a need to explore the scope for states, working together with non-state actors, to stimulate and steer social action through engaging in innovative forms of policy. See also http://eif.univie.ac.at/projects/COST.php


January 2014: Book published with Routledge, London

EIF's collaborative research project on “EU policies in a global perspective” is now published. The book brings together EIF staff with their relevant policy expertise and international experts with chapters on policies not covered at EIF. See also http://eif.univie.ac.at/projects/Shaping.php














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