Quick overview

The use the database, first go to Search.

You have several search terms from which to choose from. You can select any combination.

The results of your search appear in three different modes. If you search by an attribute of the study you will see a short overview of an individual publication. By clicking on Details, you can access a more detailed overview of the publication.

If you search by an outcome, the result page has a different format which makes comparison between several studies easier. Again, if you would like to see a more detailed overview of a specific publication, click on Details.

How to interpret the results of the search? Apart from the main attributes of a study - the reference, the title, etc. the database provides information on the state of application of the particular laws being researched with regard to four stages of the law application process - transposition timeliness, formal implementation, administrative implementation, and application. If you search by the category and name of explanatory variable, you will see the not only the state of application and the values of the explanatory factors being researched, but also the proposed causal relationships as stated by the authors of the publication.


Note that all relationships are expressed in terms of positive compliance (application, implementation, transposition, etc.) so that a positive sign always means improving compliance and a negative sign always means deteriorating compliance.